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Joel Schwartz Professor Schwartz, Adjunct Professor in the Department of Public Policy, Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science, and University Professor of Distinguished Teaching at the Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, earned his B.A. degree at Harvard in 1960 and his Ph.D. at Indiana University in 1965. He is the recipient of eight teaching awards, including University Professor of Distinguished Teaching Award, the Tanner Award (1968, 1974), Bowman and Gordon Gray (1979-82) and Nicolas Salgo Awards (1983) and two Students' Undergraduate Teaching Awards (1990, 1995). He also received the Favorite Faculty Award from a number of Senior Classes and in 1996 he received the Learning Disabilities Services Access Award for

"supporting and encouraging the potential of LD students". He has been, as well, the recipient of the Alumni Association's Faculty Service Award. From 1987-1994 he was the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning. He has worked also with the Outreach Program of the University Center for International Studies. Professor Schwartz delivered on August 15, 1999, the keynote speech at the Convocation for New Students.

Professor Schwartz studied at Moscow State University as an exchange student during the years 1963-64 and visited Russia several times since. He was a specialist in Soviet and Russian politics and political behavior and until May, 2000 taught Political Science 55, "The Demise of the Soviet Political System and the Politics of the New Russia"

His current teaching and research interests are in American social policy.

Professor Schwartz will teach in Fall 2008, "American Health Care: Policy and Politics." A brief description follows: "An analysis of health care politics and policy in the United States with selective comparisons from health care systems in other societies." Click here to see the Syllabus and Course Description

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Professor Schwartz taught Political Science 380, a graduate seminar on the teaching of political science. Students learned how to construct a syllabus, plan interactive classes, use "new technology" in the classroom and to examine the teaching process and evaluation of one's own teaching. Class format included discussions about issues in the academic world, especially in the area of Political Science. For many years his "Teaching Politics: Techniques and Technologies" was online as an online guide to assist new teachers of political science. "Applying Classroom Knowledge to the Community -- Service Learning in the Political Science Curriculum" was the first Teaching Politics Virtual Conference (an attempt at distance learning)

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