JOEL JOSEPH SCHWARTZ
			 207 Graham Memorial


1970-71         Resident Scholar, Institute for Urban and Regional Studies, UC-Berkeley
1965            Ph.D. in Political Science, Indiana University, 
1963            M.A. in Political Science, Indiana University, 
1962            Certificate in Russian Studies, Indiana University, 
1960            B.A. from Harvard University: Magna Cum Laude

Study Abroad

1963-64         Moscow State University, USSR
1956-57         Institute for Jewish Youth Leaders From Abroad, Jerusalem, Israel

2000- Adjunct Professor, Department of Public Policy, UNC-CH 1965-2000 Department of Political Science, UNC-CH 1980-88 Department of Social and Administrative Medicine, UNC-CH 1973-75 Department of Health Administration, UNC-CH 1971 Department of Political Science, University of California,Berkeley Awards 2000 Outstanding Faculty Associate Award, First Year Initiative Living/Learning Program (FYI) 1998-2001 University Professor of Distinguished Teaching 1998-2001 Ueltschi Service Learning Course Development Grant 1998- Sunshine LADY Foundation-- Sunbeam "Hand-Up"Award 1996 Access Award for Supporting and Encouraging the Potential of LD Students 1990,1995 Students Undergraduate Teaching Award 1994 Chapman Family Faculty Fellowship 1992 UNC General Alumni Association Faculty Service Award 1990,92,94,97 Senior Class Favorite Professor 1983 Salgo Award for Inspirational Undergraduate Teaching, 1979-82 Bowman and Gordon Gray Professor of Political Science (First year awarded) 1978 Kenan Research Leave 1968,74 Tanner Award for Inspirational Undergraduate Teaching, 1970-71 NSF Retraining Fellowship, Berkeley, 1963-65 Ford Foreign Area Fellowship, Moscow,USSR- Indiana University 1960-63 NDEA Title IV Fellowship, Indiana University Administrative Experience and University Service 2000-02 Advisory Board Member and Member of Selection Committee Student International Health Fellowships Member, Final Selection Committee for NC Fellows Steering Committee, Academy of Distinguished Teachers Faculty Associate, First-Year Initiative Living/Learning Program (FYI) 1999-01 Member, Ad Hoc Committee to Promote a Teaching Culture on Campus 1998-01 Faculty Advisor, Students for Students Organization 1999 Presenter, World View Program for Public School Outreach for NC Educators 1998-99 Member, Selection Committee Public Service Grants and Awards Member, Selection Committee Teaching Awards Committee Member, Selection Committee Student International Health Internships Member, Seminars on Service Learning Course Development Member, Faculty Panel to Interview Truman Scholarship Finalists 1998-2000 Member, Undergraduate Studies Committee (PoliSci) 1997-98 Director, Carolina Summer--College of Arts & Sciences Program for Rising High School Seniors Fall,1997 Interim Director of Internships (Dept. of Political Science) Spr., 1998 Member, Committees to Select Recipients of Hagan, Sanford and Wallace Awards 1998 Advisor, Curriculum in International Studies 1990-99 Interviewer, N.C. Fellows Program Selection Committee 1996-97 Director, Departmental Awards Selection Committee 1995-99 Faculty Director, Public School Outreach Program, University Center for International Studies (UCIS) 1996 Member, Chancellor's Committee on Intellectual Climate and Public Service 1996 Member, Provost's Committee on Status of International Studies Programs and Activities 1995 Resident Faculty Director, UNC Honors Fall Semester in London 1987-94 Director, Center for Teaching and Learning 1994 Member, Board of Governors Committee to Recommend Criteria and Selection Procedures for Board of Governors Awards for Teaching Excellence 1994-99 Member, Faculty Advisory Committee International Studies Curriculum 1992 Faculty Representative to General Alumni Association Board of Trustees 1992--93 Member, Selection Committee on University Student Awards 1992,94,96,97 Chairman, Selection Committee, Graduate Student Teaching Awards, Department of Political Science

1965-1987 1986-87 Advisor, Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 1985-87 Associate Chairman, Department of Political Science 1984, 1975 Chairman, Committee on University Teaching Awards 1983 Member, Bowman and Gordon Gray Professor Selection Committee 1981-82 Member, Campus Y Advisory Board 1980-87 Faculty Advisor, Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity 1980 Member, University Committee on Teaching Evaluation 1980 Member, Advisory Committee, Curriculum in Public Policy Analysis 1979-80 Chairman, MPA Admissions Committee 1979-80 Member, Long Committee to Investigate Charges of Institutional Racism 1977-80 Member, Chancellor's Advisory Committee 1976 Member, Chancellor's Advisory Committee to Select Dean of Arts and Sciences 1976-77 Member, University Committee on Student Discipline 1975-77 Associate Chairman, Department of Political Science 1972 Member, University Committee on Media Expenditures 1974-80 Member, Chancellor's Committee on Status of Minority and Disadvantaged Students 1976 Member, Selection Committee on University Student Awards 1973-75 Advisor, Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences 1973-75 Chairman, University Committee on Russian and East European Studies 1967-70 Member, AAUP Executive Committee 1967-70 Chairman, AAUP Committee on Student Rights 1968 Faculty Advisor, Carolina Symposium 1967-70 Faculty Advisor, Carolina Political Union 1968-70 Chairman, Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Status of Minority and Disadvantaged Students 1965-70 Director, Undergraduate Studies Committee, Department of Political Science 1965-70 Director, Honors Program, Department of Political Science Teaching, Speaking, and Service to Campus and Off-Campus Groups & Organizations 1990- 2001 Speaker, Emerging Leaders Program, " Panelist, Minority Health Conference, "Public Health in the New Administration: Impact on the Future" Speaker, Living with Compassion series "A Night of Class" 1999-2000 Panelist and Moderator, 19th Conference of Southern Association of Slavic Studies Speaker, Carolina Speakers, "Changes in Russia Since 1991" Speaker, Kiwanis Club of Greensboro, "The Crisis in Russia" Speaker, Program in the Humanities, "Immigration Policy" Speaker, Growise, "Health and Education of Women in Russia" Keynote Speaker, Freshmen Convocation Assembly 1998-99 Keynote Speaker, Phi Beta Kappa Winter Induction Ceremony Speaker, Freshman Camp Orientation Outreach Presentations to Phillips Junior High Guest Speaker, Great Decisions Series Guest Speaker, Residence Hall Enrichment Program Presenter, Institute for the Study of Human Values Presenter, Triangle Jewish Studies Program 1997-98 Speaker, Catalyst for Improving Race Relations, Campus Y Speaker, North Carolina Renaissance Program Speaker, Student Holocaust Remembrance Program Speaker, UNC Student Last Lecture Series 1995- Outreach Instructor, UCIS Public School Outreach Program 1990- Speaker, N.C. Fellows 1992-95 Instructor, Outreach Workshops for N. C. Public School Teachers sponsored by Center for Russian and East European Studies 1981- Faculty Presenter, Seminars and Summer Colleges sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Human Values 1985- Speaker, General Alumni Speakers Bureau 1994 Teacher, Project Renaissance 1991-94 Teacher, Project Uplift 1992-93 Teacher, Carolina Parents Weekend 1993-94 Speaker, Bicentennial Speakers Bureau 1990 Speaker, Freshman Convocation 1992-94 Speaker, Panel discussions sponsored by Academic Affairs Committee, Student Government, 1992-1994. 1990 Faculty Advisor, Selection Committee Undergraduate Teaching Awards 1990 Speaker, Association of International Students 1991 Speaker, Students for Advancement of Race Relations 1990-94 Speaker, Association of Undergraduate Slavic Majors 1991 Speaker, Undergraduate Economics Club, 1991 1990 Keynote Speaker, Recognition Program for December Graduates 1990 Keynote Speaker, Induction Ceremony, Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society 1990-94 Faculty Advisor, Student Committee to Establish Service Learning (a.p.p.l.e.s.) 1992 Teacher, Hubert Humphrey Fellows, City and Regional Planning Dept. 1991 Keynote Speaker, Student Hunger Elimination Project 1987 Faculty Facilitator, Freshmen Honors Discussion Groups. 1992-94 Moderator, Alumni Class Reunion Seminars at Commencement Time 1985,87,89, Faculty Lecturer and Educational Resource for General 1993-94 Alumni Association Study Tours of Soviet Union/Russia and Eastern Europe

Other Activities 1985-93 Speaker Board of Governors Board of Trustees Board of Visitors Members of NC. State Legislature N.C. Press Association Chancellor's Club Ram's Club Parent Affiliates, Friends of the Library Development Office, Arts & Sciences Foundation Teacher Principal's Executive Program, Institute of Government 1965-97 Speaker, Campus Y 1965-94 Speaker, Residence Hall Enrichment Programs Publications and Other Professional Presentations

1999 Video Conference Keynote Presentation "Applying Classroom Knowledge to the Community -- Service Learning in the Political Science Curriculum" The first Teaching Politics Virtual Conference (an attempt at distance learning) Editor, 1997-1999 Teaching Politics Guide to Teaching "The Teaching Politics Guide to Teaching is an ongoing collaborative project by the members of the H-teachpol discussion list. The Guide is edited by Joel J. Schwartz, Professor of Political Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Although intended be of value to all who are interested in the improvement of teaching political science, the guide will be especially helpful for those new to teaching in the discipline."

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