Climate Health and Air Quality (CHAQ) Lab

The UNC Climate Health and Air Quality lab is in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at the University of North Carolina.  The lab was founded by Prof. Jason West.  We do modeling to address the relationships between climate change, air quality, and human health, with the goals of relating science to policy and of finding common solutions to these problems.

CHAQ Lab Group, 2011.
From left to right: Chris Werner, Susan Anenberg, Matt Woody, Jessica Lewis, Jason West, Raquel Silva, Liz Blayney, Meridith Fry, Jeff Rissman

CHAQ Lab Group, 2010.
From left to right (top row): L-r Jason West, Jessica Montanez, Liz Blayney, Melissa Tinling, Chris Werner, Matt Woody (bottomw row): Jeff Rissman, Meridith Fry, Raquel Silva, Susan Anenberg, Zac Adelman.

CHAQ Lab Group, 2009
Matt Woody, Jeff Rissman, Jason West,Jessica Lewis, Susan Anenberg, Jessica Montanez, Taciana Albuquerque