UNC Group on Atmospheric Science & Pollution

UNC-GASP provides a forum for discussing research in air pollution.  We focus on air pollution science, but also consider related topics: climate change, human health effects, air pollution control, environmental management and policy, and industrial hygiene.

We meet weekly during the semester, on Fridays at noon in McGavran-Greenberg 2306.  Most discussions are led by graduate students at UNC, and we sometimes invite outside speakers.

For more information, or to be added to a distribution list and receive weekly announcements, please contact Professor Jason West (jasonwest@unc.edu).

GASP- Fall 2014

Left to right: Tarun Mohan, Ciao Kai Liang, Yadong Xu, Will Vizuete, Hang Nguyen, Ken Sexton, Raquel Silva, Jason West, Chitsan Wang, Wae Rattanavaraha, Kevin Chu

Spring 2015 Schedule




Jan. 9


Intro meeting

Jan. 16

Theran Reidel, ESE

Constraining heteorogeneous reactions of isoprene-derived epoxides

Jan. 23

Shih Ying Chang, ESE

A modeling framework for characterizing near-road air pollutant concentrations at community scales

Jan. 30

Ying-Hsuan Lin, ESE Understanding the atmospheric transformation, chemical composition and health effects of isoprene-derived epoxides and secondary organic aerosol

Feb. 6

Tad Kleindienst, EPA The Role of Oxidant Species in the Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosol Tracer Compounds

Feb. 13

Pradeepa Vennam, ESE A multiscale modeling study to assess impacts of full-flight aircraft emissions on upper troposphere and surface air quality

Feb. 20

Andy Yates, Economics Should you buy an electric car?

Feb. 27


Mar. 6

Pamela Schultz, EPA Understanding the environmental impacts of cellulosic biofuels using the MARKAL energy system model

Mar. 13


Spring Break
Mar. 20 Yasuyuki Akita, ESE The influence of grid resolution on PM2.5 exposure estimates derived from satellite image and chemical transport model
Mar. 27 Kevin Chu, ESE Anthropogenic emissions and isoprene-derived SOA formation in the 2013 Southern Oxidant and Aerosol Study (SOAS) campaign at Birmingham, Alabama

Apr. 3



Apr. 10 No meeting

UNC Climate Change Symposium

Apr. 17 Hang Nguyen, ESE

Human lung cells exposure to ambient air in part of the Benzene and other Toxics Exposure (BEE-TEX) Study in February 2015 in Houston Ship Channel, Texas

Apr. 24


Chitsan Wang, ESE Flare: a formaldehyde source in the Greater Houston Area II

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GASP- Fall 2012

Left to right: Meridith Fry, Raquel Silva, Scott Boone, Evan Couzo, Pradeepa Vennam, James McCann, Maiko Arashiro, Doug Becker, Ken Sexton, Jason Surratt, Jason West, Shih Ying Chang, Yuqiang Zhang, Yuzhi Chen, Roger Jerry

GASP- Fall 2011

Left to right: Joe Pedit, Jason West, Liz Blayney, Will Vizuete, Yadong Xu, Pradeepa Vennam, Wendy Marth, Caitlin Rubitschun, Maiko Arashiro, Sari Budisulistiorini, Colin Cameron, Shih Ying Chang, Raquel Silva, James McCann, Meridith Fry, Ying-Hsuan Lin, Matt Woody, Chris Werner, David Leith, Yuqiang Zhang, Roger Jerry


GASP – Fall 2010 (some members not pictured). 

From left: Will Vizuete, Jason Surratt, Caitlin Pierce, Liz Blayney, Barron Henderson, Adeola Olatosi, Harshal Parikh, Meridith Fry, Evan Couzo, Yadong Xu, Chris Werner, Raquel Silva, A. Chart-Asa, Sri Budisulistiorini, Ya-ru Li, Maryanne Boundy, David Leith, Robert Bush, Jason West, Nicole Hagan

GASP – Fall 2009 (some members not pictured). 

From left: Jeff Rissman, Weruka Rattanavaraha, Ying-Hsuan Lin, Adeola Olatosi, Will Vizuete, Meridith Fry, Jyoti Bapat, Chris Werner, Matt Woody, Barron Henderson, Jenna Kolling, Alex Carll, Jason West, Susan Casper Anenberg, Evan Couzo, Jose Zavala