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Altapedia Census Department Discovery School-NC European Geog. Tutor Eduplace Civil War Maps
CIA Kids Page Landform Color Atlas eNCyclopedia GeoBee Challenge GeoGame Project How Far Is It?
Fact Monster 50 States Kidport Geography Games ThinkQuest NASA Observatorium
Geography World Net State Merriam Webster Atlas Syvum Geog. Quiz USGS Learning Web River Resource
National Geographic Stately Knowledge State of N.C. Kids Page WorldQuiz U.S.Dept. of Education Volcano World

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Travel to Altapedia!

What is Here? Facts, figures, and information on world geography, climate, people, religion, language, history, economy, and more!

Check This Out: World Maps section has color physical and  political maps for the whole world.  You can click on a country to generate a map of it or the area around it.  Easy to use and great graphics!



Travel to the Census Department!

What is Here? Get information on states in the U.S. by clicking the Fun State Facts button.  Gives you information on population, age, school enrollment, number of households, language spoken at home, and percentage of people in the state who live in urban or rural areas.   Don't let the title scare you off...the page is made for kids!

Check This Out: Have fun with the quizzes based on state facts, flags, and census information! Also, look at the U.S. Population estimate kept constantly up to date on the opening page.



Travel to the CIA Kids Page!

What is Here? Test your geography skills by answering questions, or follow the link to the World Factbook, which is loaded with information.   Among the things you can find (for any country in the world) are location, area, climate, terrain, high and low elevation points, and land use.  Maps are available for each country. 

Check This Out: Also plenty of information on the people who live in each county can be found in the Factbook area. In terms of information available, this is one of the best sites out there!



Travel to Civil War Maps!

What is Here? A treasure trove of maps from the time of the Civil War.  Maps are arranged by area or state, or even by the person who made the map! You can look at these maps at different sizes by zooming in on the part that looks interesting to you. 

Check This Out: An index allows you to find maps based on the bodies of water, mountains, or cities they were near.  Search by the name of a battlefield if you like!



Travel to the Color Landform Atlas of the United States!

What is Here? Ever want to make a model of a state?  This is the place to go, where you can find beautiful color maps of each of the fifty states.  You can get shaded relief maps (color maps showing elevation), relief maps showing county boundaries, black and white maps, satellite images, or other specialized maps.

Check This Out:  This is listed as one of the Top 100 Family sites!



Travel to Discovery School!

What is Here? Get information on North Carolina's people, land, and climate from this site.

Check This Out: Click on the link to Interesting Facts About North Carolina.  Where was the first operating silver mine for the United States?  Who was the first English child born in North America, and on what North Carolina Island was she born?



Travel to Eduplace!

What is Here? This link will lead you to a place where you can print or download a large number of outline maps for personal or class use.  Great for teachers or instructors! There is a huge variety, such as world regional maps, the original 13 colonies, Trails to the U.S. West, and maps of major cities.

Check This Out:  Make sure you have Acrobat Reader software to be able to download many of these files.  There is a link to get this free software from this site.



Travel to European Geography Tutor!

What is Here? This link will bring you to a site where you can download free software which will help you to learn the names and locations of all of the countries in Europe.  Once you have the software on your computer, you can move around the map with your mouse to find each of the countries.

Check This Out: The file to download is small, and even with slow modems, it should take no more than five minutes.



Travel to Fact Monster World Geography!

What is Here?   Lots of great information on world geography.  This is GREAT when you are trying to find the longest, tallest, deepest...of whatever...in the world.  What is the world's largest lake? Look here to find it!

Check This Out: This has a lot of great information, but it also have lots of ADS! Don't be surprised if they pop up as you are searching around.



Travel to 50 States!

What is Here?  Information on each of the fifty states, each organized in its own folder. You can find information on weather, soil type, National and State Forests, and topography...as well as a lot of things NOT related to geography (ever want to know the State Motto of Idaho?). 

Check This Out: There are lots of links to other related sites, including the home web pages of all of the states!



Travel to GeoBee Challenge!

What is Here? The National Geographic wants you to come out and play! Every day they post five new geography questions, and some of them are tough! Every day there are five new questions, so feel free to keep coming back for more!

Check This Out:  If five questions aren't enough for you, try playing the quizzes for the past three days as well.



Travel to GeoGame Project!

What is Here? The main purposes of this site are to help students learn geography terms and how to read and interpret maps. School groups can register to play a game.  Students in each group research information about their community (such as latitude, longitude, weather, etc.) and enter that information into a questionnaire.  Then other students try to figure out WHERE your group is from using maps, atlases, and other materials.  This is designed for Middle-Upper Elementary aged students. You can either provide information for a game, or try to guess from the information another group has provided.

Check This Out:  If your group guesses correctly, you get a certificate that can be printed out and put on your bulletin board.  



Travel to Geography Games!

What is Here? Information about different regions of the world, as well as trivia games that can be played for each region. Some of these are VERY challenging!

Check This Out: Use the Tutorial Mode to find out information about the countries you are being quizzed on!



Travel to Geography World!

What is Here? Mr. Bowerman, a teacher from Pennsylvania, has created an index of a large number of Geography sites on the web. Use it to launch to almost any Geography topic you can think of, from Antarctica to World Geography!

Check This Out: With 1.7 Million hits over the course of the year, this has been a very popular site!



Travel to How Far is It?

What is Here? The country of Indonesia is the sponsor of this site. They use data from the U.S. Census and a list of cities around the world to find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculate the distance between them (as the crow flies). It also provides a map showing the two places you have chosen.

Check This Out: You can also get information on elevation, as well as location by Map coordinates (latitude and longitude)!



Travel to Kidport NC State Geography!

What is Here? Find out about North Carolina...key facts, geographic landmarks, points of interest, major industries, population and culture, interesting tidbits, and links to other N.C. sites.

Check This Out:  Think you've learned everything you need to know about North Carolina Geography?  Try taking the North Carolina State Quiz when you've finished absorbing all the facts!



Travel to the Merriam Webster Atlas (North Carolina)!

What is Here? An online Atlas that provides a quick thumbnail sketch of N.C. geography, good if you are in a hurry!

Check This Out: When you're finished looking at N.C., click on the More Maps button to continue your trip around the world.



Travel to the NASA Observatorium!

What is Here? Tired of looking at the planet from ON the planet? Try looking at it from space!

Check This Out: Great satellite imagery of the earths surface. Make sure to look at the image gallery and find out what the capital city of your state looks like from outer space!



Travel to the National Geographic!

What is Here? LOTS of things, so try not to get lost! The National Geographic society is interested in a lot of things, including geography, of course. 

Check This Out: Make sure to use the site index to search by the subject you are interested in.



Travel to NetState! 

What is Here?  Loaded with information about the fifty states.  How many sites can tell you how many square miles of Iowa are covered with water? Good color maps of each of the states are also available to print or copy.

Check This Out: When you look up information about a state, there is a window to help you find out what the weather is like there!



Travel to River Resource!

What is Here? A place where students can explore the river resources of the United States. This site can be a good resource, especially when you are looking for information on the larger rivers.

Check This Out: On this site, classrooms can share the information they are gathering about rivers.



Travel to State Library of NC eNCyclopedia!

What is Here? Learn about the general topography of North Carolina from the people who live there!

Check This Out:  If you are interested in finding out more about specific areas in N.C, there are many links to othr sites from this page.



Travel to Stately Knowledge!

What is Here? This site is operated by a group of students from the University of Michigan School of Information Science, and (of course) focuses on U.S. States. This is great for finding out basic factual information about any state in the union. Information includes, among other things, state birds, nickname, major industries, historical sites, and flag. Great information for doing reports on states!

Check This Out:  Compare the states to each other in size and population by checking the Stately Knowledge Chart called Comparison of Size and Population.



Travel to theState of North Carolina Kids Page!

What is Here? This page has basic facts about the state's size, geographic features, and population.

Check This Out: Links to the home pages of North Carolina's largest cities are available.



Travel to ThinkQuest Geo-Globe Interactive Geography!

What is Here?   The interactive featrues on this site will help teach about the features and facts of the planet. This is a challenging and fun way to learn about the world.

Check This Out: This is a very interesting site for those who want to know about the extremes of the planet; what is the longest, tallest, deepest, and so on...



Travel to the US Department of Education!

What Is Here? This web site was built for parents and instructors to help their kids learn geography.  Teaches concepts such as locating positions on the surface of the earth, relationships people have with their environment, and the form and change of regions.

Check This Out: Click on the link for suggested geography-related reading material!



Travel to the USGS Learning Web!

What Is Here? This web site is a great starting point for earth science education.  The USGS is the scientific agency for natural sciences, and has a wealth of material on the landforms and geology of the U.S.

Check This Out: Make sure to check the link which brings you to topographic maps of the country! You can get very detailed maps of the land in your own neighborhood!



Travel to Volcano World!

What Is Here?The premier source of volcano information on the web, sponsored by NASA. Information on volcanoes around the world. This is a very fun, kid-oriented site with great eye catching graphics!

Check This Out:  See movie clips of erupting volcanoes! 



Travel to the Syvum Geography Quiz!

What Is Here? Interactive quiz with questions that change all of the time! Test yourself on world capitals at three different levels of difficulty, US State Capitals, Japan, India, and the United States.

Check This Out: Choose your format of quiz...one question at a time, multiple choice, or fill-in-the-blank.



Travel to WorldQuiz!

What Is Here? Want to test your geography smarts?  The computer will ask you where countries are, and you will need to click on the correct location. 

Check This Out:  The computer quizzes you on certain regions, (such as continents) or the whole world, and keeps score of your right and wrong answers.



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