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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Amigo de Pedro

Amigo de Pedro, originally uploaded by peatbogyeri.

On the way back to Charleston after a few days in Fayetteville.

Since my obsession with having and documenting fun with Grendel recently, I decided I couldn't pass up a few pics at South of the Border.

For those uninitiated, South of the Border is a mass of tourist crap near the NC/SC border on I-95. It grew from a gas station and a fireworks stand in the 1950s into uncountable shops and restaurants selling... well, Mexican stereotypes, I guess. Anyone traveling the East Coast on 95 has surely seen the numerous signs, some just hokey and others vaguely offensive, encouraging travelers to come and spend some pesos on plastic sombreros in South Carolina. After dark, you can also spend some pesos on cheap liquor, hookers or getting stabbed.

We didn't stay long, and not just because I was eager to get back home.


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