John Jacobi


An undergraduate information science major and journalism minor at UNC - Chapel Hill.

Current Work


"Ted Kaczynski and Why He Matters" in Dark Mountain (May 2016)
A culmination of my research on Ted Kaczynski, better known as "the Unabomber." Includes much previously unknown or unpopularized material about and by Kaczynski.
Wildism: A Philosophy for Conservation, Rewilding, and Reaction (forthcoming)
An exposition of an idiosyncratic brand of deep ecology that emphasis the importance of wildness in conserving and restoring nature. Excerpts of the book are currently being published in the Hunter/Gatherer series, "The Foundations of Wildism"
"The Real Paleoconservative: Conservation as Darwinian Conservatism" (forthcoming)
An argument for conservation as a politically conservative philosophy. Specifically, I tie radical conservation and its nomadic hunter/gatherer ideal to the conservatism of traditionalists and some anti-modern forms of Islam.


The Wildernist, 2014-2016
A student conservation magazine I founded and edited from 2014-2016. Published material by Dr. Reed Noss, Dave Foreman, Harvey Locke, and Dr. David Skrbina, among others.
Wild Will Coalition, 2016-Present
A coalition of individuals and small groups that speak openly about the potential need for a more radical approach to nature conservation. Intended to explain and spread a variant of deep ecology that we call "wildism." I also put out a journal for the coalition entitled Hunter/Gatherer.
DMOZ at Society:Philosophy:Ethics:Environmental
A directory on DMOZ that I maintain.