Cultures of Economies Research Group

A project of the University Program in Cultural Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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The Research Group is an ongoing faculty-student working group. In additional to regular meetings organized around readings and presentations, we organize workshops with invited guests, provide research assistance, and provide assistance with grant writing on topics developed by the members of the research group.
Research Projects:

Reading Groups: Research Group members are involved in a variety of ancillary reading groups focused on key texts and thinkers of economic practices. Recent groups included: Re-Reading Althusser (2003-2004); Lefebvre’s City Spaces (2004); Deleuze’s Cartographies (2004-2005); Spinoza’s Ethics (2004).
The Research Group also organizers ad hoc reading and discussion groups around the visits to UNC-CH of key figures in contemporary economic thought. Recent groups have been organized to coincide with visits by Hernando de Sota, (Institute for Liberty and Democracy, Peru) and Jagdish Bhagwati (Columbia University).

Conferences and Workshops: The Research Group supports an annual workshop on collaborative themes in rethinking economies. It also is involved in related research conferences, such as the recent International Conference on Global Apparel/Clothing Europe [website:].

Visitors and Presentations: Each year the Research Group brings scholars to UNC-CH to present and discuss their research with group members and other scholars for extended periods. Past visitors have included John Clarke (Open University), Julie Graham (U. Mass.) and Kathy Gibson (ANU), and Manuel de Landa (Street Philosopher, NYC), David Ruccio (Economics, Notre Dame and co-author of Postmodern Economics).

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