Data Files


Time Series

•New Mood Data 1952-2012. Suggested citation: “Updated from James A. Stimson. 1999. Public Opinion in America: Moods, Cycles, and Swings, 2nd Ed. Boulder: Westview Press.”
•Previous Mood Files. Includes some issue-specific topics.
•Link to Mood’s New Website.
•Liberal and Conservative Self-Identification in the U.S: 1937-2006. Suggested citation: Christopher Ellis and James A. Stimson. On Conservatism in America. Paper prepared for the Annual Meetings of the American Political Science Association, September 2, 2007.”
•Policy Preferences in Great Britain. Suggested citation: “John Bartle, Sebastion Dellepiane, and James A. Stimson. The Moving Centre. Paper prepared for the European Consortium for Political Research, Pisa, Italy, September 6, 2007.”Data_files/Mood5208.xls