Examining Ethics

The Online Gambling Dilemma

Curing the Online Pornography Problem

Other Online Ethical Issues


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Management Information Systems Quarterly - Richard Mason's article "Four Ethical Issues of the Information Age"
Southern Illinois University - Computer Ethics & Cyberethics
Duke - Ethics & The Internet course



USC's Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication - Cynthia Janower's paper on online gambling
Law Journal Extra -  Philip Palmer McGuigan's article on online gambling
NetBet - The home of the online gambling FAQ
Casino-on-Net - Online casino
The Sands of the Caribbean - Online casino
CasinoLove - Online casino


Family Research Council - Computer pornography questions and answers
SuperKids - Parents, Kids, and Pornography on the Internet: A SuperKids Special Report
Information Technology Association of America (ITAA)  -  State laws on obscenity, child pornography and harassment


Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) - Internet Censorship
The Censorship Files - Committed to making more information on censorship available on the internet.
AOL Sucks - Guide Policies: Vulgarity Guidelines on AOL

Domain Names

The Techno-Culture Page - Who can stake a claim in cyberspace: domain names & trademarks
Veronica - A toddler's battle with Archie Comic Publications, Inc. over the domain name of Veronica
Spacecon - Goliath slays David: A site about M.I.T. forcing a small company to change its domain name

Message Boards

Yahoo! Financial Message Boards - See if you can spot any messages that will make the stock market crumble

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