The Laboratory - Our group has twenty-four investigators, including three research Assistant Professors, nine postdoctoral fellows, ten graduate students (home departments Microbiology-Immunology, IBMS, Genetics, Biochemistry and Neurobiology) and two research technicians.  It is a cordial and highly motivated group of investigators, with divergent interests but lots of scientific and social interactions.  Students who are self-motivated and team players do extremely well in the lab.  Over ninety percent of the students finish in five years or under, and graduate with a substantial publication record.  Our most recent graduates have received postdoctoral offers from Harvard, Stanford, Caltech, Yale, UCSF, Salk Institute, Washington University and Columbia University.  A balance is achieved in the laboratory between close mentoring for new students and the freedom to explore new areas for more mature trainees.  Extra mentoring is provided during critical times such as prelims, student seminars, paper preparation, thesis defense, and job or postdoc hunting.

CIITA Molecular Biology and Gene Discovery
Jonathan Harton (postdoc)
Debra Taxman (postdoc)
Xin-Zheng Zhu (postdoc)
William O'Connor (graduate student)    william_o'
Eleni Zika (graduate student)
Athena Wong (graduate student)
Brian Conti (graduate student)
Susanna Greer (postdoc)
Kristi Williams (postdoc)
Chris Moore (postdoc)
Beckley Davis (postdoc)

Transplantation and Dendritic Cells
June Brickey (assistant professor)
Karen McKinnon (assistant professor)
Hank Van Deventer (assistant professor)
Jing-Hua Zhang (Technician)
Athena Wong (graduate student)

Heather Arnett (graduate student)
Sheila Plant (graduate student)
Ellis Yang (Technician)

Cancer Biology and Proteomics
Jeff MacKeigan (graduate student)
Dan Bergstrahl (graduate student)
Debra Taxman (postdoc)
John Lich (postdoc)
Casey Clements (graduate student)

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Jenny P.-Y. Ting