Writing for Religious Women: "Guide for Anchoresses" (Ancrene Wisse)

  • The ancrene riwle: (the Corpus Ms.: Ancrene wisse). Trans. M.D. Salu. University of Exeter Press, 1990. PR1808 .S34 1990
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    Good brief intro. to AW pp. xxix-xxxvii. Text with facing page translation of Parts 7 and 8 of AW, also of Hali Meithad, S. Marg, Sawles Ward.
    Editions and Introductions
  • Ancrene Wisse edited from MS. Corpus Christi College Cambridge 402. Ed. J.R.R. Tolkien. EETS 249. London: Oxford UP, 1962. [Standard ed. of "best" version.]
  • Ancrene Wisse: Parts VI and VII. [on Penance, on Love] Ed. Geoffrey Shepherd. London: Nelson, 1959. [Best long introduction to work, and excellent notes on this selection for students.]
  • Ancrene riwle: introduction and part 1. Ed. and trans. with commentary by Robert W. Ackerman and Roger Dahood. Medieval & Renaissance text & studies, 31. Binghamton: CEMERS [Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies], 1984. [Includes the Middle English text from the Manuscript Cotton Cleopatra C.IV of the British Library. A useful Intro.]
  • Facsimile of MS. Bodley 34: St. Katherine, St. Margaret, St. Juliana, Hali Mei`had, Sawles Warde. With an Introduction by N.R. ker. EETS 247. London: Oxford UP, 1960. [The core of the "Katherine Group."]
    Origins, Sources
  • Dobson, E.J. The Origins of Ancrene Wisse. Oxford: Clarendon, 1976.

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