La3aman's Brut

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    La3aman: M.E. Text
  • La3amon. Brut. Ed. Brook, G.L. and R.F. Leslie. 2 Vols. [at present] EETS 250, 277. London: Oxford UP 1963, 1968. (Vol 1 contains text lines 1-8020, vol. 2 lines 8021-end [16095]. A third volume is promised, to contain Introduction, Commentary and Glossary.)
  • Brook, G.L. Selections from Lazamon's Brut. Oxford: Clarendon P, 1963.
    La3aman: Translations
  • Lawman. Brut. Trans. Rosamund Allen. London: Dent, 1992. Introduction xiii-xxxvi; bibliography xxxvii-xli; text (in translation) 1-410; notes 411-485.
  • Mason, Eugene, trans. Wace and Layamon. Arthurian Chronicles. London: Dent [Everyman], 1912. Repr. 1986. Translates the Arthurian portions of La3aman.
    La3aman: Studies
  • See Bibliography in Allen's 1992 transltion, xxxvi-xli.
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