Some Bacgrounds for the M.E. Period

    There are useful volumes in The Norton Library (reprinted from Nelson's of London):
  • Brooke, Christopher. From Alfred to Henry III 871-1272. New York: Norton, 1969.
  • Holmes, George. The Later Middle Ages 1272-1485. New York: Norton, 1966.
    Volumes in the Pelican History of England:
  • Stenton, Doris Mary. English Society in the Early Middle Ages. 4th ed. Marmondsworth: Pelican, 1965.
  • Meyers, A. R. England in the Late Middle Ages 1307-1536. 2nd ed. Marmondsworth: Pelican, 1963.
    The Oxford UP series of "standard" volumes:
  • Poole, A.L. From Domesday Book to Magna Carta 1087-1216. 2nd edition, 1955.
  • Powicke, Maurice. The Thirteenth Century 1216-1307. 2nd edition, 1962.
  • McKisack, May. The Fourteenth Century 1307-99. 1959.
    Cambridge is publishing a series of historical studies, among which is:
  • Harding, Alan. England in the Thirteenth Century. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1993. Note Chapter 1, "Introduction: sources and interpretations" (1-67) and "Guide to Further Reading" (324-8).
    Frances and Joseph Gies have published a series of volumes introducing medieval life; e.g.
  • Gies, Frances and Joseph. Life in a Medieval Village. New York: Harper Collins, 1990.

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