The State of North Carolina Cities
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Cities are economic drivers for our state and generate civic pride and identity that helps sustain them. The well-being of our cities is critically important to the prosperity of the state as a whole and of its citizens, but there has been insufficient attention paid to the current health of North Carolina’s cities. To address this, the Center for Urban and Regional Studies, with funding from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, embarked on this project to develop an index of urban well-being to evaluate how these cities are doing compared to the state as a whole and each other. We will also measure changes in individual cities over time. The idea was to gather information on a range of categories from public databases to create an index that provides an assessment of the well-being of North Carolina’s cities. We are also interested in testing the feasibility of using and taking advantage of the new ways that the U.S. Census Bureau is providing data, primarily from the American Community Survey.

Interactive charts and maps for each topic were developed by Kevin Park, a doctoral candidate in the Department of City & Regional Planning. Interactive county maps are also available here.