Karl D. Castillo, Principal Investigator

2012 - present, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
Postdoctoral Fellow, UNC - Chapel Hill (supervisors, Justin Ries and John Bruno)
2008, PhD., University of South Carolina (supervisor, Brian Helmuth)
2003, M.S., University of South Carolina (supervisor, Brian Helmuth)
1998, B.Sc., Southeast Missouri State University (supervisors, Adelaide Parsons and Margaret Waterman)

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Justin Baumann, Graduate Student

I am a PhD student in the Castillo lab. I completed my B.S. in Biology and Earth Sciences at Ohio State University in 2011, and my M.S. in Earth Sciences also at Ohio State in 2013. My previous work has been on coral physiology including the response of corals to stressors such as ocean warming and ocean acidification. My proposed research will investigate thermal
history and susceptibility and resilence of several species of Caribbean corals across a latitudinal gradient.I also co-founded and help manage the UNC-MASC graduate student blog: underthecblog.wordpress.com

Contact info:
Justin Baumann


Travis Courtney, Visiting Scientist

I am a visiting scientist working for Northeastern University in the Castillo Lab. I am a May
2013 graduate from the Department of Geology and the Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During the summer of 2012, I assisted with collecting 45 cores of the starlet coral Siderastrea siderea from Belize. In addition to managing the Castillo Lab, my work currently focuses on using novel approaches to map the growth rates and geochemical signatures preserved in these cores to investigate the
century-scale story of climate change and anthropogenic influence across the Meso-American Barrier Reef System.

Contact info:
Email: traviscourtney(at)gmail.com
CV: http://bit.do/TravisCourtney_CV


Pualani Armstrong, Undergraduate Researcher

I am currently a senior undergraduate Biology major at UNC.  I will be graduating in
December!  I have worked in the Castillo lab since May assessing the effects of elevated pCO2 and temperature on Siderastrea siderea skeletal growth. The primary goal of my work is to establish successful methods for quantifying corallite morphometric parameters, as well as identifying which skeletal structures are most vulnerable to high pCO2 and temperature conditions.



Kathryn Cobleigh, Undergraduate Researcher

I am a senior pursuing an Environmental Science Major and Marine Science minor.  I have
worked with the Castillo Lab as an undergraduate researcher since Fall 2012.  I have been involved with our ongoing coral core project, focusing mostly on the calcification rates of forereef backreef, and nearshore corals. Currently I am beginning my senior project analyzing coral exposed to various pCO2 and temperature levels and quantifying the differences in the skeletal structure.


Ashley Foguel, Undergraduate Researcher

I am a senior geology major at UNC. I currently work in the Castillo Lab on their programming
needs. I am involved in writing an R script to quantify and analyze extentions rates, calcification rates, and density for  coral cores that have been CAT scanned and analyzed using the medical software, OsiriX. I am also involved with a range of other smaller projects. Furthermore, I update the website and assist in preparation of coral samples for analysis


Hannah Aichelman
, Undergraduate Researcher

I am a senior Environmental Science major and Marine Science/Chemistry minor.
I currently volunteer in the Castillo lab as an undergraduate researcher. I am involved in Dr. Castillo's coral core project assisting in preparing coral samples for analysis. I am also involved in the design and maintenance of our Salt Water Aquarium Research Center. In addition, I help ensure that the Salt Water Lab is ready for any upcoming experiments.


Carissa Campbell, Undergraduate Researcher

I am a sophomore this year at UNC. I am double majoring in Psychology and
Sociology with a minor in Marine Science. In the lab I work as a research assistant in many different areas. The main project I am involved in is preparation of coral powdered samples for geochemical analysis using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS). I am also involved in assisting in the maintenance of  our Aquarium Research Center.


Jamie Matos, Undergraduate Researcher


Previous Undergraduate Researchers

Risa Dalsing

Blake Elder

Nettie McMiller

Elaine Chow

Kruti Patel

Richard Yost II


Deepti Schroff

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