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Here's a newspaper story about our road naming experience. This is an exercise you'll probably miss if you buy a lot in a subdivision. The couple who campaigned for the name don't use it as a mailing address due to identity theft concerns.

Hanging Out on FS 4743Here is a sampling of what I've been up to since November 1999 when I decided to shift careers from textiles and techical editing to librarianship:  


This photo was taken near the largest beech tree on our property in Chatham County, N.C., about a year after we purchased the land in late fall 1998. Still protected by woods, the tree can be seen from our east-facing bedroom window.
Biggest Beech

Here is the concept floorplan created by Giles Blunden in November 1999. A month later, Giles and Sophie Piesse (now a partner in the firm) used fallen tree limbs to lay out an actual-size floorplan where the house is now located.

We took a course at Yestermorrow Design and Build School in Vermont in November 1998 and wrote a detailed "program" to define our needs and preferences. Learning how to do this reduced the number of surprises when building a home. We got to know every square inch before building ever began. Unfortunately the first builder, Michael Chandler, refused to build with Hebel block. Frank Cole Building Company won the contract but the process was not without several major snafus due to little or no supervision of the subcontractors by Art Kaplan. We believe it would have been easier with the builder who did not respond to the voice mail and e-mail messages but who knows? We moved in June 2002.

Photos we took during construction are to the right of each elevation (drawn by Giles Blunden and photographed by Michael Chandler in Fall 1999. Major changes from the concept design to signed drawings:

  • There is not a door between the kitchen and the front patio as shown on the concept floorplan. The kitchen counter and lower cabinets run in an east-west direction. (There is no shortage of doors or sunlight.)
  • The "loft" upstairs became a bedroom. (To qualify it had to have a closet and a window of egress.) The loft/bedroom windows are visible in the photo of the north elevation.
  • There is a narrow window in the entryway shown in the photo of the west elevation. It has become the perfect spot for our dogs to alert us if visitors arrive. Pennie and Roscoe, both dachshunds, were the drivers behind having windows that practically meet the floor.
  • For more photos click here.

    After taking four journalism courses as a continuing education student, I took my first library science course in Fall 2000. "Reference," also known as Information Resources and Services, involved compiling a pathfinder. This link provides the same information somewhat more attractively. My topic was editorial and political cartooning. There was no shortage of "current" material after the 2000 presidential election! Here is one of Dwane Powell's editorial cartoons from the News & Observer on Monday, October 9, 2000. Copyright is listed for his Dec. 15, 2000, cartoon within the pathfinder.

    You can view his most recent work by clicking here. Dwane's family owns a "wiener dog" that influences some of his cartoons. If you ever need a reminder about why to NOT discuss politics at Thanksgiving dinner, look up the Nov. 23, 2000 cartoon in his archive. It's one of my favorites! Notice how dachshunds always seem to know how to make the best of an otherwise bad situation!

    We miss our dachshunds, Roscoe and Pennie, immensely. Dixie and Della enjoy our canine-centric home on our 8-acre tract in Chatham County but have no concept of what the land was like pre-house and what the house was like while it was under construction.

    In loving memory of Roscoe Odell Lingenfelder, Sept. 15, 1988 to Sept. 29, 2003.

    In remembrance of Pennie, June 23, 1988 to Nov. 12, 2005

    Roscoe and Pennie, both age 12, at Oriental, N.C., in May 2001.