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North American Land Snail Links
Related Links & Societies

American Malacological Society

Conchologists of America
Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society
IUCN Red-Listed Species
USFWS Endangered Snail List
Western Society of Malacologists

Learn how to collect and identify North American land snails! 

As part of the annual meeting, the American Malacological Society is hosting a land snail identification and conservation workshop. June 30 - July 3, 2008, Carbondale, Illinois. 

Species Lists

Alabama land snail list

Illinois land snail list

Louisiana land snail list

Missouri land snail list

Pennsylvania land snails and key to slugs

Texas land snail list

Land snails of Canada

Additional Useful Links

General land snail references

Land snail researchers

Museums with land snail collections

Polygyridae species list, info, current nomenclature, type pictures.

Key to Praticolella species

Land snails of Southern Illinois Project

Land snail Conservation Actions

Minnesota land snail DNR papers

Samoan Snail Project

Bureau of Land Management Northwest Forests Program
Includes the Field Guide to Survey & Manage Terrestrial Mollusks from the Northwest Forests Plan -Get pdf!

Tahitian Land Snails - popular article

Land snail biodiversity of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park  - includes photo glossary and key for identification of land snails of the park.

Conservation priority ranks for land snail species

Search Natureserve by snail name

Biota Information System Of New Mexico - BISON, contains information on status and trends in New Mexican snail species

Bibliography on land snail survey methods

Bibliography on land snail response to fire

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