Ketan Palshikar
The projects listed here are the projects on which I have worked over the past two years. Please feel free to contact me for the details on any of these projects.

Data visualization using faceted search interface

Masters Project.png

This project involved designing and developing a faceted search interface to retrieve the collaborative searches performed over multiple sessions. This project is a part of the ResultsSpace initiative conducted by the Interaction Design Lab at the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While working on this project I developed a web-application to perform a faceted search on the dataset of the collaborative search results and enable the users with two different visualizations of the results, viz. tabular and graphical.

Relevant Links: Project Demo | Abstract
Technologies: AJAX, PHP, SVG, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Query Generator

Query Generator.png

I worked on the first part of this project as a field experience at St. Thomas More High School. This part involved designing and developing a database for the school network administrator and building a web-based front-end to interact with this database. On the later part of the project I worked on making the web-based front-end a universal tool to tap into any database and enable the user to build a query. This is achieved by generating an XML from the user input and converting this XML into an SQL query using XSLT. This functionality makes the web application independent of the database flavor.

Relevant Links: Project Demo
Technologies: AJAX, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Digital Library

Digital Library.png

As a class project I developed a digital library. Features of this digital library include users with different privileges: admin (remove records), reviewer (approve pending records), contributor (submit an article). This project also has a feature of simple and advance search using full-text indexing. This digital library project ensures that the data that user insert is sanitized before inserting into the database to avoid injection attack on the database.

Relevant Links: Project Demo
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS

Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box.png

I developed this suggestion box as a tool to be used in a class for putting in the suggestions for the class instructor. This tool has two user levels. Students can drop in suggestions just by knowing the "authintication code". This prevents people outside the class putting in the suggestions once the instructor shares the authentication code with the class. This also reduces the risk of web-crawlers to flood the suggestion box. These users can view all the "Published" suggestions. The second level of user is the class instructor who can log in into the tool and view, publish, delete the suggestions.

To test the suggestion box please use following "test" credentials:

Authentication Code: sils
Username: test
Password: test

Relevant Links: Project Demo
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS

Advanced Systems Analysis

Independent Study.png

This group project was a part of an independent study in which we designed a study to learn systems analysis with the help of a case study in the corporate environment. We defined and achieved following learning objectives:

Software Development Life Cycle
Introduction to Object Orientation
Introduction of Agile Development
UML Diagrams
Design Patterns

Relevant Links: Download UML Diagrams
Technologies: UML

Carolina Digital Libraries and Archives


I worked with the Carolina Digital Library and Archives group to help them develop a new web design for the Documenting the American South initiative. I assisted in developing the new wireframe design for the DocSouth website.

Relevant Links: DocSouth test version
Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Database Design and Development Project

Bank Database.png

As a class project I designed and developed a database for a bank. This database project gave hands-on experience of designing a database confirming to 3-NF as well as it involved working with binary and ternary relationships total and partial participation and with different cardinality. The project also helped understanding the concepts of relational algebra.

Relevant Links: Download database design
Technologies: Oracle, MS Access

Odum Institute Dataverse Network - Systems Analysis

Systems Analysis.png

For this group projectAs a class project I worked on a semester-long group project to analyze the existing system of Dataverse Networks at the Odum Institute and proposed a solution to overcome the issues. This project involved information gathering from the client and preparing a number of models including artifact model, hierarchical model and CRUD model.

Relevant Links: Download the presentation

Presentations and Papers

  1. Image Databases - In this group presentation for the Intermediate Database class we discussed various upcoming and exiting technologies to handle the images in the databases. Current relational databases are powerful to handle, store and retrieve data in the text format. Our presenatation investigates the possibilities of using conventional databases for images. You can download the presentation here
  2. Native XML Databases - This presentation deals with the less popular database technology known as "NXD" or Native XML Databases. These databases offer advantages of the conventional relational databases along with the advantage of XML. The presentation delves into the database features such as normalization, indexing, querying and referential integrity to study how these feature are dealt in the Native XML Databases. The presentation concludes with the available popular NXD products and their details. You can download the presentation here
  3. Book Review - I worked on the book review of the book Technology and Social Inclusion Rethinking the Digital Divide for the class of Information Ethics. You can download the book reivew here
  4. Paper: Charismatic Leadership - As a part of the class of Management for Information Professionals, I worked on a paper on the topic of my choice - Charasmatic Leadership. I attempted to analyze some of the characteristics of the charismatic leadership with the example of the well-known charismatic leader - Mahatma Gandhi. You can download the paper here
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