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The next time you're bored or you need an excuse to procrastinate, check out these other websites. They all provide great entertainment and information.


InStyle gives the latest updates on fashion and celebrities. This website simply uplifts my shopping addiction even more.


The Wilson Daily Times gives me information about recent happenings in my hometown. I worked at the Wilson Daily Times as a news intern over a four-year span, so it's nice to keep up with all of the other writers and their latest stories.


The ESPN website is a good way to keep up with the sports world. From UNC-CH basketball to the Carolina Hurricanes, ESPN has it all.


Google is my favorite search engine to use. It's always helpful for me, no matter what topic I'm searching.


Whether you are looking up the phone number of a long lost best friend or a business down the road, Switchboard.com is the way to go.

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