Geologic Mapping at UNC-CH  

Southern Appalachian Blue Ridge, North Carolina

Sierra Nacimiento/San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Beartooth Mountains/Clarks Fork Basin, Montana


Southern Appalachian Blue Ridge      

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Micaville, NC quadrangle mapping by Cheryl Waters, Lauren Hewitt, and Kevin Stewart.

Spruce Pine, NC quadrangle mapping by Josh Borella and Kevin Stewart.


Sierra Nacimiento and San Juan Basin, New Mexico  
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Map of the northern Sierra Nacimiento by Lucio D'Alberto.    
Map of the central Sierra Nacimiento by Caleb Pollock, Jim Hibbard, and Kevin Stewart.    

Beartooth Mountains - Clarks Fork Basin, Montana.

Mapping by Heather Ballantyne, Nick Hoffmann, Kevin Stewart, and Jerry Bartholomew
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