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    Directed by Hap Kindem



Sean Baran, a student at the University of Richmond, was en route to
his summer internship in London on 7/7, when he experienced the trans-
port system bombings.  While he was still a high school student in New
Jersey, Sean had sought training as an Emergency Medical Technician
shortly after experiencing the 9/11 attacks on New York City.  On July
7th he jumped into action in London and joined a triage unit near Edgeware


American television engagements greeted his return to the States but did
not go to his head, as he critically comments on US vs UK media coverage of
the terrorist attacks.  The documentary short begins with Neil Bennett, BBC
crime correspondent, prophetically predicting the London bombings in June,
2005, while a London Metropolitan Policeman explains how lucky London has
been to have avoided an attack up to that point.


11 minute short  (shot in high definition/hdv).