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“Al-Jazeera, An Arab Voice for Freedom or Demagoguery? The UNC Tour” was produced and directed by Gorham "Hap" Kindem in 2001/2002.. The International Division sponsored the sale of the DVD in the exhibit hall of the 2002 Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) convention in Miami.

The idea for the documentary began with a tour of Al-Jazeera facilities in Doha, Qatar, in the Arabian Gulf, by a group of faculty and administrators from the University of North Carolina. The group went to Qatar to explore the possibility of establishing an undergraduate, liberal arts business program in Doha. 

The documentary is divided into three sections. Following a brief introduction, part one focuses on freedom of the press. Part two explores the roles of women at Al-Jazeera. Part three examines the station’s potential biases and points of view as well as those of American television and includes clips of Al-Jazeera coverage of the Afghan war and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as U.S. television news coverage of the Arab World.

The DVD features Samir Khader, an Al-Jazeera news producer who answered questions and conducted the tour (and is also one of the "stars" of a documentary feature about Al-Jazeera, entitled "Control Room"; interviews with former Chancellor James C. Moeser and UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, including current UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp, who went on the tour; interviews with journalism professors Jim Carey (Columbia University) and Chris Ogan (Indiana University) as well as with Bernard Haykel (Middle Eastern Studies at NYU).