2005 Freedom Cinema Festival,  2005  Eureka! International Film Festival, 2005 RiverRun International Film Festival
2005 Berkeley Video and Film Festival Grand Festival Award Winner
2006 Oxford International Festival of Films

My documentary, entitled "Beyond the Wall," explores some of the parallels between infringements upon our civil liberties, including freedom of speech, during the 1960s and today.  Specifically, it documents how student activists, including leaders of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), at the University of North Carolina overturned North Carolina's anti-Communist speaker ban law (1963-1968).  Over 3000 students turned out to hear American Communists, Herbert Aptheker and Frank Wilkinson, speak across a wall separating the town of Chapel Hill from the University in 1966, testing a law which was eventually found unconstitutional in federal court after students brought suit against the University and the State of North Carolina.   Participants in these events, including former UNC President William Friday, draw parallels between anti-Communist constraints upon civil liberties then and anti-terrorist ones now, such as the USA PATRIOT Act.  I hope that my 60-minute documentary will be utilized in law, journalism, history, political science, and other classes, and that current students and others will recognize that the most patriotic action that we as citizens can take as we face supposed and actual external threats to our national security is to stand up for our civil rights and civil liberties. It features music by Lenny Kravitz, Bob Dylan, and Glenn Morrissette. The two DVD set includes 90 minutes of video documentary appendices, which explore five issues raised (and referenced/subtitled) in the documentary in greater depth.