Cognitive Psychology in Everyday Life

Welcome to our web page!  This page was created by students in one of the "Introduction to Cognitive Psychology" classes (Psyc 20, Section 6) at the University of North Carolina.  As part of a class assignment, students were asked to research answers to some common questions that deal with cognitive psychology in "the real world."  Below you can find the questions they chose, and you can read a response to a question by clicking on the link following it.  We hope this information is useful!

1.  How do those "Magic Eye" posters work?  click here or here

2.  How do I recognize my friend when she's gotten her hair cut?  click here

3.  Why do new drivers have difficulty driving and talking and listening to the radio all at the same time (and why don't more experienced drivers have the same problem)? click here

4.  How would taking notes for my different psychology classes in pens of different colors help me to study? click here

5.  Why is it that I'll sometimes forget what I came into a room for, but I'll remember once I return to the place I was when I thought that I needed something?  click here  or here

6.  How do I find my way from the bedroom to the kitchen in the dark? click here

7.  Why is it so hard to say, "She sells seashells by the sea shore"?  click here

8.  Why is it sometimes easier to solve a problem once I've taken a break from thinking about it for a while? click here

9.  Why does my child say, "I breaked it" instead of "I broke it"?  click here

10.  Why do I sometimes have something "on the tip of my tongue?"   click here

This page was created by:
Kerry Ledoux
Graduate Teaching Fellow
University of North Carolina