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This is just enough info dribbled to intrigue you, but (hopefully) not enough to bore you.

JPS band members performing


I am really into music-all kinds of music. And as far as I'm concerned, live is better.

These are friends of mine performing in the band Jam Pain Society. Sample some of their music-they're contagious!

Here are some other musicians I listen to:

I am equally enamoured with history-all kinds of history. Visits to heritage sites, living history re-enactments, and-of course-books.

Last semester, for Dr. Saye's History of the Book class, I researched Ogham and the Book of Ballymote. A page from the book is pictured to the right.

page from the book of Ballymote

There is a fabulous resource called Irish Script Onscreen which has brought together digitized manuscripts from various sources all over Ireland. The Book of Ballymote is part of the collection of the Royal Irish Academy.

I am way into Celtic history, but also have interests in:


Besides reading, which I do pretty much incessantly, I also:
forged silver bracelet

books -- books -- books

I'm immersed in them at work-analyzing them, cataloging them, and of course, perusing them.

I am an unrepentant Genre Queen. My favorites are:

Biography is more grown-up, I guess-I especially read about Benjamin Franklin and Christopher Marlowe, but anybody who catches my fancy, really...

The absolute BEST book I have read in the last couple of years, though, was Blood Done Sign My Name by Tim Tyson. Hands down.

(Is anyone else getting as sick of me me me as I am?)


I'm pretty much a one-note Jenni here: I don't go to the movies to think. Except for Mr. Gore's opus....

picture of Tia Dalma

school-past and present

I finished my MA in Public History, with a concentration in Archival Science, at NCSU in May 2006. I am halfway through my MLS here at SILS-I hope to be done in the Spring of 2008. I started at SILS thinking that I wanted to work in Special Collections, in an adademic setting, since I am still avidly interested in history. But, since taking several classes here at UNC, I've found: SO- we got some rethinkin' goin' on here.

last and least-my social life

I'm just being snarky-I wish I had more time to hang out with:

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