David Landy


Research Interests

Areas of Specialization: Early Modern Philosophy (esp. Hume), Kant

Areas of Competence: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, German Idealism

Other Research/Teaching Interests: Plato, Sellars, Sellars' 20th-century heirs (Brandom, McDowell, Millikan, Rosenberg)



"Hume's Impression-Idea Distinction" Hume Studies, Volume 32, Number 1 (April 2006): 119-139

"A (Sellarsian) Kantian critique of Hume's Theory of Concepts" Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Volume 88, Number 4 (December 2007): 445-457

"Hegel's Account of Rule-Following" Inquiry, Volume 51, Number 2 (April 2008): 169–192

"Sellars on Hume and Kant on Representing Complexes" European Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming

"Inferentialism and the Transcendental Deduction" Kantian Review, forthcoming

"The Premise That Even Hume Must Accept" Self, Language, and World: Essays to celebrate the work of Jay F. Rosenberg, forthcoming