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Midnight Madness

A Fresh Start

DTH/Laura Bernard
Rashad McCants posts up senior Will
Johnson on Friday at Midnight with the
Heels. McCants is one of six
newcomers to the team, which opens
the season Nov. 18 against Penn State
in the preseason NIT.

The following photographs were taken during my last semester as a staff photographer for the Daily Tar Heel.

Under each photograph is the caption as it appeared in the paper. For a link to the DTH online photo-archive, click on the image.










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Intramural Flagfootball

Jump Ball

DTH/Laura Bernard
Members of the
Phi Gamma Delta (left) and Sigma Chi
fraternities battle for a pass during an
intramural flag football game Tuesday
afternoon. The teams played on the
Hooker Intramural Fields.


puppy in the quad

See Spot Play

DTH/Laura Bernard
Turbo, an 11-week-old boxer, plays with senior biology major Jessica Dangson in Polk Place on Monday afternoon. Dangson took Turbo home for the first time only three weeks ago.


Having a little fun in the Pit

Walking on the Moon

DTH/Laura Bernard
Freshman Siya
Gupte does a cartwheel inside a moon
walk that was set up in the Pit on
Monday. The moon walk was part of
Senior Week, which is sponsored by
senior class officers and senior
marshals. Other invents include
Pajama Day on Wednesday and a
showing of “Reality Bites” on Polk Place
on Friday.


Band outside of South Building.


DTH/Laura Bernard
Michael Phipps
(left), Brett Twitty and Bill Keith, all
members of Satellite Down, play on
campus Wednesday for Senior Week. A
new band, Satellite Down has only
been together for a few weeks.


School Trip, passing by the Old well

Getting A Taste

DTH/Laura Bernard
Brian Lipscombe, 7, gets a drink from the Old Well’s water fountain while on a field trip thanks to a lift up from parent
chaperone Jean Pauwels. First-
through third-grade students from
Raleigh’s Follow the Child Montessori
School visited UNC’s Morehead
Planetarium on Monday.


Here are two projects I completed with Meredith Craig (who also happens to be my roommate) for our JOMC 170 class, Introduction to Advertising.


This is an analysis of an advertisement campaign for Kodak's one-time use camera. The ad, Tribes, attempts to convey that the Kodak Max Flash one-time use camera is a vehicle that can help defy boundaries and social norms to form new friendships. We did an in-depth analysis of Kodak's brand history, the overall one-time use camera category, competitors, and much more.
Kodak Max one-time use camera; link to word document.Click on camera to see word document
click on image to see word document
tic tacs
This is a print advertisement that Meredith and I created for Tic-Tac. Instead of dramatizing the benefit of the breath-mint, we dramatized a typical situation that our target could identify with. We felt that Tic Tac's current advertising campaign which emphasized the "1.5 calorie breath mint" was not effective because people who are worried about breath are not exactly concerned with the low calorie intake. Instead we felt that describing Tic Tac's as a social savior would better connect with the young demographic we were trying to reach.
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