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Figure 1: 
Structure of DNA/
lipid complex. 

first published in: 

Sternberg, B., Sorgi, F. L., and Huang, L. New structures in complex formation between DNA and cationic liposomes visualized by freeze-fracture electron microscopy. FEBS Lett. 356:361-366, 1994.

Figure 2:

Thin-section electron micograph of AuSCL. Multilamellar liposomes with multi-AuSC can be seen in this preparation. (bar: 0.5 micrometers.)

first published in:

Gao, K. and Huang, L. Solid core liposomes with encapsulated colloidal gold particles. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 897:377-383, 1987.

Figure 3:
Freeze-fracture image of 
chylomicron fragment.

Thanks to Dr. Simon Watkins and the Center for Biological Imaging at the University of Pittsburgh for photo preparation and production.

Figure 4:

Courtesy of Dr. Margret Schmidtgen

Figure 5:
Ninja Liposome

Courtesy of Dr. Kazuo Maruyama and Dr. Fan Zhou

Figure 6:
Leaf Huang's Promotion
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