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3D GIS for Geology and Geophysics

Copyright © 1996-2000 Jonathan M. Lees

ABOUT Geotouch

Geotouch is a GIS system developed by Jonathan M. Lees of University of North Carolina's . This paragraph will eventually contain a brief description of Geotouch, but for now it's just a placeholder to illustrate the layout of this document.

A new Article has just been published about Geotouch. To see an html version of this, click on,

Lees, J. M., (1999) Geotouch: Software for Three and Four-Dimensional GIS in the Earth Sciences,

in press Computers & Geosciences.

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Geotouch Documentation - Now On Line and Up To Date!

A paper on Geotouch was published in SRL in May of 1995. This paper is available in the following formats. Take a look at the cover image from SRL, which depicts seismic activity at Joshua Tree.


Following are screen shots of Geotouch and images of various program outputs.


See the ftp site for the lates version information available.


The Geotouch software and documentation is available at our public WEB site.


Copyright © 1996 Jonathan M. Lees