Seismic Experiment at Hengill Geothermal Field, Iceland
  • UNC-CH: Jonathan Lees, Jose Rial
  • American University, Beirut Lebanon: Maya El-Kibbi
  • ISOR Iceland: Sigvaldi Thordarson
  • UNC Students: Matt Smith, Laura Brewington, Alex Miller

Continuing our investigationsof geothermal field using high resolution seismic methods and dense coverage, we deployed 22 PASSCAL seismic stations (20 short period 2 broadband) in the Hengill region of Iceland. The field includes an active geothermal plant with numerous production and injection wells. Our goal was to monitor the injection of fluids in the field via shear wave splitting of seismic waves as cracks open and close during pressurization at depth.

Sigvaldi, Maya and Liney choosing a station site.
Maya at station in rain.
Lees hauling car battery to broadband station.
Students downloading data.
Plan view of topography and station layout of Hengill deployment (triangles) with recent seismicity (x-marks)
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