Computational Seismology

I have developed numerous software packages for use by the public. My work on Multi-taper methods (MTM) for estimating power spectra are heavily used. Recently I have been involved in the R-project. and I have several packages installed there that can be downloaded.

These include:

  • RSEIS -Seismic Analysis, Time Series
  • GEOmap - Geological Mapping, GIS
  • ProfessR - Create Exams, Grading
  • RFOC - Focal Mechanisms, statistics on a sphere
  • RPMG - Really Poor Man's GUI
  • zoeppritz - scattering at an interface
  • RTOMO - visualization of tomographic inversions
  • And there are many others.

    RSEIS: Seismic Analysis, Time Series
    GEOmap, Geological Mapping, GIS
    ProfessR: Create Exams, Grading
    RFOC: Focal Mechanisms, statistics on a sphere
    RTOMO: visualization of tomographic inversions
    zoeppritz equations, scattering at an interface
    RPMG: Really Poor Man's GUI
    ClamR: CLimate Change and Sclerochronology
    Field Projects

    Mt. St. Helens Stromboli/Etna Kamchatka Iceland SIFKRA
    Iceland 2005 Ecuador 2005 Ecuador, 2004 Guatemala, 2007
    Karymsky, Kamchatka Kamchatka Book S. California Japan