Reventador, 2005: Wireless Array

We present a science-centric evaluation of a 19-day sensor network deployment at Reventador, an active volcano in Ecuador. Each of the 16 sensors continuously sampled seismic and acoustic data at 100 Hz. Nodes used an event-detection algorithm to trigger on interesting volcanic activity and initiate reliable data transfer to the base station. During the deployment, the network recorded 229 earthquakes, eruptions, and other seismoacoustic events.

  • Werner-Allen, G., Lorincz, K., Johnson, J.B., Lees, J.M. and Welsh, M., (2006). Fidelity and Yield in a Volcano Monitoring Sensor Network (OSDI '06), Seattle, WA, USA, pp. 381-396.
  • Lees, J. M. et al. (2008) Reventador Volcano 2005: Eruptive Activity Inferred from Seismo-Acoustic Observation, J. of Volc. and Geoth. Res. doi:10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2007.10.006.
  • Wireless Mote Box
    River to the Amazon
    Mario and Omar installing broadband station
    Wireless mote station with antenna
    Basecamp at foot of active dome
    Camp on older lava flow
    Lees installing station
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