SIFKRA - Krafla, Iceland

We installed 15 temporary short period and 1 broadband stations in 2 days on an active geothermal field. We found a change in anisotropy near a well when pressure was reduced in the borehole.

  • Jonathan Lees, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Jose Rial, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Tang, C., Rial, J.A., Lees, J.M., and Thompson, E., (2005), Seismic Imaging of the geothermal field at Krafla, Iceland, Proceedings, Thirteenth Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering: Stanford University, Stanford, CA, p. SGP-TR-176.
  • Krafla Iceland experiment
    Krafla, Iceland
    Krafla Iceland
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