Santiaguito, Guatemala

This research led to a publication in the journal Nature about the relationship of dome deformation, seismic and acoustic waves during explosions.

  • Jonathan Lees, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Jeff Johnson and Richard Sanderson, New Mexico Tech
  • UNC Students: Rachel Gilgen, Mike Smith and Mario Ruiz
  • See:
  • Johnson, J., J. M. Lees, A. Gerst, D. Sahagian, N. Varley, 2008 Long-period earthquake and co-eruptive dome inflation seen with particle image velocimetry, Nature, 456, doi:10.1038/nature07429.

  • In the Starbucks finca installing stations
    Explosion at Santiaguito from the west, Santa Maria on left
    Explosion at Santiaguito
    Digging Holes near Xela
    Richard bending over to inspect hole
    Three happy UNC students
    Installing weather station on roof
    Mike Smith
    Explosion 1
    Explosion 2
    Explosion 3
    Explosion 4
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