xm_color - Color format for the Geotouch program


xm_color - Input File Format


Default colors are set for Geotouch at run time. These include
60 map colors plus 2 image palettes of 40 colors each. The
image palettes include a rainbow-like spectrum and a red-
black-blue spectrum useful for tomographic results.


The color map is divided into 3 parts: The first 27 colors are used by the program in various drawing routines. The assignments of these colors to specific objects are defined below as an option. Otherwise these objects take on default colors. Color numbers 28-60 are free colors, useful for making complicated geological maps. You may use the first 28 colors for making maps also. The 2 image palettes are for plotting contours and images. They can be modified in the same way that map colors are modified. You can modify the colors by installing two optional files:

1) Change the 255 numbered colors to new X11 colors

First you must indicate to Geotouch that you intend to modify the color map by setting an environmental variable:

setenv XMA_PALETTE /full_path/file_name

this modifies the 60 color palette so you can choose any colors (paint) from the X color library. I may add an R-G-B option here, but I have not worked that out yet. the format for the changes in this file are:

18 "blue"
14 "red"

such that color 18 is mapped to blue and color 14 to red. the program uses 14 to color the first set of earthquake hypocenters (sources) and then subtracts 1 for the next default color (13). So the default gold, red, blue, ...etc scheme can be easily modified.

A full listing of X11 colors can be viewed on my system in file: /export/share/X11R6.1/lib/X11/rgb.txt
A similar file exits for any X11 distribution. I have a simple color viewing tcl/TK program that will display these colors and their names. (/data/k1/lees/tcl/colors.tk) Ask me for this if you need it.

2) Change the color number associated with a specific object (Change the color scheme)

First you must indicate to Geotouch that you intend to modify the color table/object mapping by setting an environmental variable:

setenv XMA_COLORS /full_path/file_name

is a file that has a mapping of the colors in the palette to the objects that get colors. This is the part that is not completely tested yet since I had to go back to all the (20K lines of) code and un-hardwire all the color assignations. If something does not color as you expect, better get in touch with me and I'll fix it.

So now, if you don't like the green stations that I always draw, you simply make a file that includes this line:

sta_col 2

(to get red stations with the default palette). The names of these are somewhat cryptic, to shorten the typing. I will make a more extensive documentation later.

Alternatively, you can change the green paintbrush to a red one by change the default palette (7=green), as described above
7 "red"


Both the color palette and color scheme files are loaded at run time. You may use either one or both to customize the colorization of Geotouch screen and postscript output.

"Dump Colors" prints out the current color scheme and palette.

So now you can view fancy earthquakes in any color you want and you can change the background etc.....

Any changed color is also changed in the postscript color output. However, the default colors do not match exactly between screen and postscript rendering. This is because my experience with screen versus paper output has instructed me to fiddle with the colors for better paper reproduction. If you don't like the default translation, modify the color for a specific paintbrush (number) and you will get a direct translation of the screen color into postscript.

Default Palette:

0 "black"
1 "white"
2 "red"
3 "light blue"
4 "mediumpurple"
5 "azure"
6 "darkorange"
7 "green"
8 "plum"
9 "LemonChiffon1"
10 "SeaGreen1"
11 "DeepSkyBlue1"
12 "turquoise1"
13 "DeepPink"
14 "gold"
15 "lightcyan"
16 "OldLace"
17 "DarkSlateGray"
18 "DarkSeaGreen"
19 "GreenYellow"
20 "orange"
21 "RoyalBlue"
22 "SkyBlue1"
23 "cyan1"
24 "DarkSlateGray4"
25 "dimgray"
26 "beige"
27 "aquamarine1"
28 "LightPink"
29 "yellow1"
30 "SkyBlue"
31 "LightSeaGreen"
32 "MistyRose2"
33 "tan4"
34 "LightCyan2"
35 "PeachPuff1"
36 "lavender"
37 "magenta3"
38 "pink"
39 "green"
40 "PaleGreen3"
41 "SteelBlue2"
42 "moccasin"
43 "DeepPink"
44 "AntiqueWhite"
45 "cornsilk2"
46 "khaki"
47 "bisque3"
48 "PaleGreen"
49 "IndianRed"
50 "LightSalmon"
51 "thistle1"
52 "LightSkyBlue1"
53 "MediumAquamarine"
54 "yellow2"
55 "MintCream"
56 "sienna4"
57 "salmon"
58 "LemonChiffon"
59 "SeaGreen1"

Default Color Scheme:

special_src_col 13
special_sta_col 19
special_perim_col 21
special_name_col 1
back_label_col 0
name_label_col 2
date_col 3
fill_arc_col 21
draw_arc_col 14
fancy_src_col 21
fancy_perim_col 14
magscale_col 1
special_station_col 19
exploding_line_col 1
back_foc_col 1
ptax_col 0
faultplane_col 0
strikeslip_col 18
rev_oblSS_col 23
oblq_norm_col 20
obl_rev_col 22
reverse_col 21
norm_oblSS_col 19
normal_col 2
xsec_color 1
box_xsec_col 18
zoom_box_col 22
spline_col 22
spline_points_col 1
sta_col 7
bord_col 2
back_fill_col 24
stuff_col 3
map_col 3
src_col 14
title_col 6
picsource_col 5
text_col 3
background_col 0
foreground_col 1