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Recent Past Projects 

Exposure of Ground Crew Personnel to Jet Fuel Mist 
     Investigators: Al Armendariz, Maryanne Boundy, Randall Goodman, 
                         David Leith 

Determinants of Filter Lifetime 
     Investigators: Jacky Rosati and David Leith 

Counting Efficiency of the API Aerosizer 
     Investigators: Jon Thornburg and David Leith 

Mist Generation During Metal Machining 
     Investgators: Jon Thornburg and David Leith 

Effect of Fluid Properties on Measurement Error in the API Aerosizer 
     Investigators: Jacky Rosati, Al Armendariz, and David Leith 

Fate of Mist Droplets in a Fibrous Filter 
     Investigators: Peter Raynor, Steven Cooper, John McAneny, David Leith, 
     and Maryanne Boundy 

Development of a Passive Particulate Sampler 
     Investigators: Jeff Wagner and David Leith 

Experimental and Numerical Simulations of Spray-Painting Droplet Transfer Efficiency 
     Investigators: Cecilia Tan and Michael Flynn 

Evaluation of Mist Concentration Measurement Techniques 
     Investigators: John Volckens and David Leith 



 last updated on: 10/27/08