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Principal Investigators
           David Leith
           Mike Flynn


Lab Director
           Maryanne Boundy

Research Analyst and Manager of ESE Design Center
           Glenn Walters 

Postdoctoral Students
           David Nash
           Bill Funk
Graduate Students
           Chris Trent
           Ryan Gustafson
           Dana Williams

Baity Alumni

           Michela Agostini - PhD Student, University of Utrecht
           Dr. Kwangseog Ahn - Postdoctoral student, UMass Lowell
           Yoshi Ampo - Researcher, Tokyo Japan
           Dr. Renee Anthony - Faculty, University of Iowa
           Dr. Alfredo Armendariz - Faculty, Southern Methodist University
           Brian Blazicko - U.S. Air Force
           Katie Bland - Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City
           Tausha Buchanan
           Kevin Dunn - NIOSH
           Dr. Gary Carlton - U.S. Air Force, retired
           Brian Cawley - Air Products and Chemicals
           Lori Cone
           Dr. Steve Cooper 
           Kevin Dunn - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
           Philipe Prat-Fourcade - IBM France
           Betty Gatano - NC Dept. Environment and Natural Resources
           Kim Haley - University of North Carolina
           Susan Happy - NC Department of Labor
           Dr. David L. Johnson - Faculty, University of Oklahoma
           Dr. Donna Lee Jones - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
           Dr. Marc Kessler
           Dr. Taehyeung Kim - Faculty, Chagwon University (Korea)
           Jeff Lanning
           Dr. Chung-te Lee - Faculty, National Central University (Taiwan)
           Jack McAneny - Proctor and Gamble
           Dr. John McKernan - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
           Prem Muthedath
           Dr. Thomas Peters - Faculty, University of Iowa
           Dr. Marc Plinke - Consultant
           Purva Prabhu - NC Department of Labor
           Alex Rao - PhD student, Georgia Tech
           Dr. G. Ramachandran - Faculty, University of Minnesota
           Dr. Peter Raynor - Faculty, University of Minnesota
           Dr. Jennifer Richmond-Bryant - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
           Dr. Jacky Rosati - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
           Darrell Sommerlatt 
           Dr. Cecelia Tan - CIIT
           Dr. Jonathan Thornburg - Research Triangle Institute
           Yuthana Tanwongwan - PhD candidate, Illinois Institute of Technology
           Dr. Lori Todd - Faculty, University of North Carolina
           Dr. Jeff Wagner - California Department of Health Services
           Dr. John Volckens - Faculty, Colorado State University
           Joe Voelker
           Zhong-Min Wang - California Department of Health Services



 last updated on: 10/27/08