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Facilities and Equipment 

The Baity Air and Engineering Laboratory is one building in the four building complex comprising the facilities of the UNC School of Public Health. The laboratory opened in 1990 and serves as the research and office space for a team of UNC aerosol and industrial hygiene researchers. 

The largest portion of the laboratory is a 2000 square foot pilot plant with a 25 ft. ceiling and a 3-ton overhead crane for moving heavy equipment. The laboratory also contains an aerosol physics laboratory, a chemistry laboratory, fans capable of moving over 10,000 cfm, and office space for Baity researchers. 

A 4 ft by 4 ft wind tunnel and several smaller wind tunnels are housed in a portion of the Baity pilot plant. These wind tunnels are used in industrial hygiene and ventilation engineering research. The pilot plant is also used to test air pollution control equipment. Full-sized industrial equipment can easily be moved into the laboratory via the overhead crane and the truck door at the front of the building which is capable of accommodating flat bed tractor trailers. 

Baity researchers have up-to-date equipment for doing aerosol research. These include:

  • TSI Aerosizer DSP 3220
  • Mettler MT5 microbalance
  • TSI Model 3321 Aerodynamic Particle Sizer & Diluter
  • Mettler AT20 microbalance
  • API Aerosizers & Diluters (x2)
  • MIE DataRAM
  • TSI Model 8520 DustTrak
  • EDC Haz-Dust II
  • Raesystems ppbRAE Photo-ionization Detector

In addition, Baity researchers have several cascade impactors, an ultra-low temperature freezer, a spectrophotometer, two large aerosol chambers, and use GC/MS systems for organics analysis. 

Computer facilities at the Baity Laboratory include computers for each student and staff member all with internet access, and laptop computers for field projects.  
last updated on: 10/27/08