John Muir Trail Over Mt. Whitney, and Death Valley
3 September to 10 September 2015

Lone Pine Peak from US 395   
Mt. Whitney, the morning we set out 
On the Whitney Portal Trail toward Trail Camp 
On the Whitney Portal Trail to the summit
Trail near the summit of Mt. Whitney
View from the top - 14500 feet.
Back side of the summit crags.  See hiker in lower left for scale
Trail down to Guitar Lake campsite
Forester Pass, 13,200 feet.  The John Muir Trail goes up the center split.  
View from Forester Pass


North of Forester Pass, smoke from the Rough Fire obscured the view.
Out over Kearsarge Pass
View from the top of Kearsarge Pass, 11,800 feet
Death Valley
Colors on the hills of Death Valley
Charcoal kilns at the trailhead to Wildrose Peak, 9000 feet
Slot canyon
Dante's View