Here are Some of My Interests  

      My daughter Alison is married to Mitch Myers.  


      My daughter Heather is married to Brad Justus. 


      My wife, Carolyn, is interested in the arts. 
Photos above 
by Tamara Lackey  

1987 Porsche 928  

Click here for pictures from my hikes on the Appalachian Trail
Click here and here for pictures from my hikes on the John Muir Trail
   Marathons: Virginia Beach:  2006, 2007;
Boston:  2008, 2009, 2013
Charlottesville:  2010*
Louisville:  2011
Tobacco Road:  2012
   Half Marathons:   Tobacco Road, 2013*, 2014*, 2015*, 2016*, 2017*
Equinox, 2013*, 2014*, 2015*, 2016*
Bull City, 2014*
*  wins in age category
The Oven Bird