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Research Project by Lisa Kelly

Spring Semester, 1996

Henrik Ibsen "A Doll's House"


I have done extensive research on "A Doll's House." My focus was on production histories and critiques of the play. I started the research for both a drama and journalism class. I have always really enjoyed the play and thought it would be interesting to discover how directors have adapted the play over the past hundred years.

WWW Sources:

Here are a two web sites about Henrik Ibsen and "A Doll's House".
  • Henrik Ibsen biography
    URL: ""
    This site provides some basic information about Henrik Ibsen. It is a good starting place for research. Any website about the author should be used like an encyclopedia. Don't base all your work on what it says, but it gives some good ideas of what to find out more about. This is simply another person's research about Ibsen, it is not authoritative.

  • A Doll's House
    URL: ""
    This is a good page about "A Doll's House". It provides production pictures and some information about the show. It is updated fairly often, which is always a good thing. Once again, this is probably a page from another person's research, so only use it to begin research ideas. The pictures can be really useful however, I wish I'd found this site earlier.

  • Other Reference Sources:

  • Ackerman, Gretchen Ibsen and the English Stage 1889-1903. New York and London: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1987.
    This is an excellent source. It begins with much information about the play itself. Ackerman gives a detailed critique of the play and analyzes many scenes. She then goes into a production history where she details several early versions of the show. This book also has information on other plays by Ibsen. This gives much background information about productions that would be hard to find details on otherwise.
  • Bradbrook, M.C. Ibsen the Norwegian. Hamden: Archon Books, 1966.
    This book has a very good critique of "A Doll's House." It analyzes the third scene very well and makes many comparisons to other works of literature. It does not have much information about individual productions of the play. The book has much information about Ibsen's life and other works as well.
  • Atkinson, Brooks. "Review of 'A Doll's House' by Henrik Ibsen. The New York Times December 29. 1937. 28:6.
    This is a wonderful review of Thorton Wilder's 1937 version of "A Doll's House" at the Morosco Theatre in NY. It discusses the acting a lot and touches on aspects of setting. This review is good for anyone looking for individual production reviews. It does not discuss the play itself except in relation to the performance.
  • Davis, James. "Bloom, Madden Shine in FIne 'Doll's House.'" The Daily News. January 14, 1971.
    This is another review of the 1971 version of "A Doll's House" also in New York. This was an off-Broadway production. This review discusses the acting, but doesn't really mention setting too much. This production in general was not very original. Again, this article would be good for a discussion about productions. This also gives little information about the play itself.
  • Tornqvist, Egel. "Comparative Stage Semiotics: The End of Ibsen's 'A Doll's House .'" Theatre Research International vol.19 no. 2 p. 156-164.
    This is an excellent source for production information. It gives intricate detail of setting, costuming, and acting of several versions. I used it for information on Ingmar Bergman's 1989 adaptation in Stockholm. This is a must for anyone looking for production information and this even analyzes the play itself a little.

    General comments

    • Print sources go into much more detail then www sources for this topic. WWW can give a brief synopsis, where a book can go into full detail about either the play itself or individual productions.
    • I would prefer to use print sources for this topic because they are so much more detailed. The web is useful to get started, but for details I really needed the details books can give. Definitely look around the web before starting, however. Good pictures can be found online.

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