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Layna Mosley
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Interview Research in Political Science (editor)

          Forthcoming from Cornell University Press, Spring 2013.

Working Globally? Multinational Production and Labor Rights (2011).

          Available from Cambridge University Press. Click here.

Global Capital and National Governments (2003)                                                           

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Articles (in reverse chronological order)

“Regulating Globally, Implementing Locally: The Financial Codes and Standards Effort.” Review of International Political Economy, 2010.



“Trade-Based Diffusion of Labor Rights: A Panel Study, 1986-2002” (with Brian Greenhill and Aseem Prakash). 2009. American Political Science Review 103, November 2009.



“The Global Financial Crisis: Lessons and Opportunities for International Political Economy” (with David A. Singer). International Interactions 35, November 2009.



“An End to Global Standards and Codes?” Global Governance 15:1 (January 2009), pp. 9-14.



“Taking Stock Seriously: Equity Market Performance, Government Policy, and Financial Globalization,” (with David Andrew Singer). International Studies Quarterly, June 2008.


“Workers’ Rights in Open Economies: Global Production and Domestic Institutions in the Developing World.” Comparative Political Studies, April/May 2008.


“Racing to the Bottom or Climbing to the Top? Economic Globalization and Labor Rights”, Comparative Political Studies, August 2007.

          Click here for the data appendix, coding template, and replication materials.


Globalisation and the State: Still Room to Move?” New Political Economy, vol. 10, no. 3 (September 2005).


"Government-Financial Market Relations after EMU: New Currency, New Constraints?" European Union Politics, June 2004. Earlier version presented at the Symposium on Globalization and the Welfare State, Jonkoping, Sweden, May 31-June 1, 2002, and at the Year of the Euro Conference, Notre Dame, December 2002.

The data used in the European Union Politics article, available through the Dataverse Network Project.


"Attempting Global Standards: National Governments, International Finance, and the IMF's Data Regime." Review of International Political Economy, vol. 10, no. 2 (May 2003).


"Room to Move: International Financial Markets and National Welfare States,"  International Organization, vol. 54, no. 4 (Autumn 2000).

Click here for the data used in this article (links to Dataverse Network page).


Working Papers


“Turkey’s Convergence Tale: Market Pressures, Membership Conditionality and EU Accession.” (with Iain Hardie, University of Edinburgh).



“Dropping Zeros, Gaining Credibility? Currency Redenomination in Developing Nations.” Presented at the 2005 annual meeting of the American Political Science Association.


“Golden Straightjacket or Golden Opportunity? Sovereign Borrowing in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries, paper prepared for the Understanding the Gold Standard conference, May 2002, University of Notre Dame.


“Private Governance for the Public Good? Exploring Private Sector Participation in Global Financial Regulation,” in Helen V. Milner and Andrew Moravcsik, eds., Power, Interdependence and Non-State Actors in World Politics, Princeton University Press, 2009.

“Constraints, Opportunities and Information: Financial Market-Government Relations around the World. In Pranab Bardham, Samuel Bowles and Michael Wallerstein, eds., Globalization and Egalitarian Redistribution; Princeton University Press, 2006.


“National Governments and Global Capital Markets: Lessons of the Past for the Present." A brief discussion of my archival research on pre-World War I capital markets, from the European Association of Banking History report.

Conferences and Projects

·         For information on the 2006 Workshop on Multinational Production and Labor Rights, held at UNC in September 2006, click here.


·         For  information on the Governance by Contract project, funded by the Swiss Network for International Studies  and directed by Connor Cradden, click here.



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