Illuminati and Education

"In the struggle to establish an adequate world government, the teacher can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of children for global understanding and cooperation.  At the very heart of all the agencies which will assure the coming of world government must stand the school, the teacher, and the organized profession."  ~Joy Elmer Morgan, former editor of the NEA Journal (4)

As the Illuminati are beginning to control mass political thought, a goal has been made, through public schools, to form the masses into groups that believe whatever is told of them, without looking further.  Another of its goals is to erode the public school system, so that less and less morals are taught, and more of the humanities, social sciences which have been standardized so that no opposing views of history or the present can be taught in schools.  Going along with taking over schools is the taking over of the mass media, where most of the United States and others gets their news from.  By controlling these two venues of thought, the Illuminati is able to control everything we think and hear, assuring that we will follow whatever they say.   Though education control is not directly correlated with the Illuminati, it flows exactally with their goal of a New World Order devoid of individuality.

As schooling systems get more and more standardized, with the decisions about what every student should learn made at national or state levels, and not directly by the teachers, the students of the United States and other such countries are learning only what certain people deem necessary.  This is exemplified in the standardized tests many states require in order for students to pass out of a grade.  Teachers now have to teach to a standard, not what they believe would be most beneficial for the students to learn.  While having certain sections of education regulated is a good thing, making sure each person gets roughly the same education, it does not allow for free thinking and decision making by the students.

Ross L Finney, in A Sociological Philosophy of Education, stated “The safety of democracy is not to be sought, therefore in the intellectual independence of the duller masses, but in their intellectual dependence.  Not in what they think, but in what the think they think.” (1) He goes on to say “If leadership by the intelligent is ever to be achieved, follership by the dull and ignorant must somehow be assured.  Follership, quite as much as leadership, is, therefore, the crucial problem of the present crisis.

Going along with the creation of a single minded society is the effort of the school to absolutely negate the possibility of a higher power and the morality that goes along with that.  The incidence of students admitting to cheating has gone from 70% to 80% from 1988 to 1998, according to a survey given by the Who’s Who Among American High School Students, and the percentages are about the same for undergraduates.  (3)  This increased incidence of cheating goes along with the lack of morality seen in the world today, with the high incidence of drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.  Increasingly taught this behavior is alright by the media and school, students are less willing to change.  “If you express the opinion that you would like to try drugs, or engage in sexual activites; if you say you might steal or become violent; teachers are instructed not to warn you against such behavior or tell you that your decision is wrong or dangerous.  That, say the curriculum planners, would be judgemental.” (1)

Chester Pierce, Professor of Education and Psychiatry at Harvard University, in an address to the Association for Childhood Education International in 1972, stated “Every child in America entering school at the age of five is insand because he comes to school with certain allegiance toward our founding fathers, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being.  It’s up to you, teachers, to make all of these sick children well by creating the international child of the future.” (2)

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