The Illuminati Today

To many people, the Illuminati, formed in 1776 by Weishaupt, did not disappear after the French Revolution, but went underground, assuming different names, with the ultimate goal of one day reaching a New World Order.  This Order would consist of a one world government, in which every nation will be destroyed, to be led by the few powerful men of the Illuminati.  Within the New World Order are plots to centralize banks and have a single world currency, centralize and control the media and schools and to abolish all religion and morality.  Where, one might ask, can those plots be seen today?  One look into the history of the United States allows a bit of understanding of the conspiracy to control the world.

The Illuminati extend into many different parts of society today, with each segment bent on a New World Order.


Segments of the Illuminati in Present Day

 Money Control

 The Council on Foreign Relations

 Educational Control

 Media Control

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