Dr. Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson


I am currently an associate professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. I had a 13-year career working for public policy research institutions before returning to school to earn a dual Ph.D. and entering academia.

As a senior engineer at the nonprofit RAND Corp., I served as liaison to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and conducted technical reviews of risk assessment methods adopted by government agencies. As associate director of the Water Science and Technology Board of the National Research Council, which advises Congress and the federal government on science policy matters, I led a range of studies of issues at the interface between water science and public policy.

Studies included assessment of options for improving potable water service to small U.S. communities, evaluation of regulatory requirements for the remediation of contaminated groundwater, and assessment of research priorities for new environmental remediation technologies. I gave briefings on these and other topics to a variety of federal officials, members of Congress and their staffs, and institutional advisory boards.

I am pictured here with H.E. Majid Al Mansouri, former Secretary General of the Environment Agency–Abu Dhabi, at his rural farm. Read more about the UAE project here.