Smoothing, Functional Data Analysis, and Distance Weighted Discrimination Software

Written in MATLAB by J. S. Marron. Library of functions for general purpose statistical smoothing, and other types of data analysis (including functional data analysis, and Distance Weighted Discrimination. Try 'SiZerSM(data)' for a quick general purpose analysis of 1-d data, using the family approach and SiZer (this is what I do when a new data set walks into my office).  Try 'help SiZerSM', for details about many options availabel in this function.  These are offered "as is", but notification about bugs, or suggested improvements would be appreciated.

Files to download at:

Matlab 7 Functions for Smoothing (including SiZer), Functional Data Analysis, Distance Weighted Discrimination and more (ascii, last updated Jan. 2012)
It is recommended to put created needed subdirectories (because of nested calls, it would make sense to do "Smoothing" alone, or "General" & "Smoothing", or "BatchAdjust" & "General" & "Smoothing").  Each subdirectory can be created from the .zip in each.  The collection (with all 3 subdirectories already in place) can be found in

For a Java version of SiZer (thus no Matlab required), go to Daniel H. Wagner Associates, and follow the "Download SiZer software" link.

Archive of Older Software

Matlab 6 Functions for smoothing, including SiZer, and more (ascii)

MATLAB 5 Function Files for 1-d Smoothing, including SiZer (ascii)

(tar'ed and gzip'd version of all in: smoothing.tar.gz )

MATLAB 5 Function Files for Significance in Scale Space (ascii)

(learn about this at:

MATLAB Parameters (Normal Mixture densities)

nmpar.m - script for generation of parameters

nmpar.mat - matrix files with matrices of parameters

Old Smoothing Software written in GAUSS (ascii)

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