The History of Prosthetic Devices

Prosthetic devices have existed for centuries.  Originally prosthetics were simply replacements for missing limbs, but now they help people have extremely active lives.  Such improvements have been made possible because of new surgical techniques, the advancement of components for making prosthetics, and creative engineering ideas.

Here is a timeline recounting the significant dates and developments for prosthetics.

In Mythology:

3500 BC 5th C BC


218 BC

1st C BC 1508 1529

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1843 1858 1861-1865

                                      Amputation being performed in a hospital tent, Gettysburg, July 1863.


Sample ads from a Chicago phone book (
        American  doctor operates on a U.S. soldier in an underground operating room on December 13, 1943.


The Future

Braces for a colt amputee


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