Brian McManus

Associate Professor of Economics

University of North Carolina


Contact information

Department of Economics CB 3305

University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, NC  27599




office location: Gardner Hall 200C

office phone: 919-966-5392



2002: Ph.D., Economics, University of Virginia

1994: B.A., Economics and Government, College of William and Mary


Professional experience

July 2012 – present:       Associate Professor of Economics (with tenure), University of North Carolina

July 2008 – July 2012:    Assistant Professor of Economics, University of North Carolina

July 2001 – July 2008:    Assistant Professor of Economics, John M. Olin School of Business, Washington University




-      "Learning by Driving: Productivity Improvements by New York City Taxi Drivers," with Kareem Haggag and Giovanni Paci. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 9 (January 2017), pp 70-95.

-      "Market Structure, Reputation, and the Value of Quality Certification," with Dan Elfenbein and Ray Fisman. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 7 (November 2015), pp. 83-108

-      "Competition and Crowding Out in the Market for Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment," with Andrew Cohen and Beth Freeborn. International Economic Review 54 (February 2013), pp. 159-184.

-      "Charity as a Substitute for Reputation: Evidence from an Online Marketplace," with Dan Elfenbein and Ray Fisman.  Review of Economic Studies 79 (October 2012), pp. 1441-1468.

-      "The Effects of Insurance Mandates on Choices and Outcomes in Infertility Treatment Markets," with Bart Hamilton.  Health Economics 21 (August 2012), pp.994-1016.

-      "The Demand for Products Linked to Public Goods: Evidence from an Online Field Experiment," with Rick Bennet.  Journal of Public Economics 95 (June 2011), pp.403-415.

-      "A Greater Price for a Greater Good? Evidence that Consumers Pay More for Charity-Linked Products," with Dan Elfenbein.  American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 2 (May 2010), pp. 28-60.

-      "Last Minute Bidding in eBay Charity Auctions" with Dan Elfenbein. Economics Letters 17 (April 2010), pp.42-45.

-      "Substance Abuse Treatment and Motor Vehicle Fatalities" with Beth Freeborn.  Southern Economic Journal 76 (April 2010), pp.1032-1048.

-      "Nonlinear Pricing in an Oligopoly Market: the Case of Specialty Coffee." RAND Journal of Economics 38 (Summer 2007) pp.512-532.

-      "Charity Auctions," with Maxim Engers.  International Economic Review 48 (Aug. 2007) pp. 953-994.

-      "Two Part Pricing with Costly Arbitrage." Southern Economic Journal 68 (Oct. 2001), pp. 369-386.


Working papers

-     "Healthcare Access, Costs, and Treatment Dynamics: Evidence from In Vitro Fertilization," with Bart Hamilton, Emily Jungheim, and Juan Pantano. March 2018. Under third review, American Economic Review.

(Former title “Policy Interventions When Medical Treatment Dynamics Matter: The Case of In Vitro Fertilization”)

-     "Does Cheap Talk Affect Market Outcomes? Evidence from eBay," Dan Elfenbein and Ray Fisman. November 2017. Under second review, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.


Older papers 

-      "Technology Diffusion and Market Structure: Evidence from Infertility Treatment Markets," with Bart Hamilton - Sept 2005.

-      "A Model of an Assisted Reproductive Technology Market," with Bart Hamilton - Nov 2003.




-      Graduate Industrial Organization (Syllabus)

-      Undergraduate Industrial Organization (Syllabus)

-      Undergraduate Microeconomics (Syllabus)


At Wash U:

-      Undergraduate Microeconomics (Syllabus)

-      Undergraduate Empirical Industrial Organization (Syllabus)

-      MBA Managerial Economics


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