Graduate training typically involves instruction on the skills required to conduct research and engage in clinical practice. However, careers in psychology also rely on additional skills that ofen are not included graduate curricula.

I have a long-standing commitment to professional development training. This page offers some resources that hopefully will be helpful for students at all levels of training. See also recent publications in this area and the clinical program Professional Development Seminar.

Considering Graduate School in Psychology?
For some general advice regarding the graduate application procedure, download "Mitch's Uncensored Grad School Advice." The most recent version of this document includes tips on interviewing (previously a separate document called, "I Just Got an Interview for a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program, What Do I Do?").

Two other terrific documents written by my graduate students also may be of use. For excellent advice on when to apply/how to get post baccalaureate experiences, see "Before You Apply" written by Casey Calhoun. ), For a student’s view on the application process, see "Tips on Applying to Graduate School" written by Sophie Choukas-Bradley.

Many people ask for information on how to choose a graduate program. These documents may prove useful:
Likelihood of Successfully Obtaining an APA-Accredited Predoctoral Internship, by Accredited Doctoral Program
How Difficult Is It to Gain Admission Into Clinical Psychology Doctoral Programs?

Tactless Self-Promotion

Prinstein, M. J. (Ed.) (2013). The portable mentor: Expert guide to a successful career in psychology. Second Edition. New York: Springer

See Table of Contents

Williams-Nickelson, C. & Prinstein, M.J. (Eds.) (2004, First Edition; 2005 and 2007, Second Edition; 2012, Third Edition). Internships in psychology: The APAGS workbook for writing successful applications and finding the right fit. Washington, DC: APA.
Williams-Nickelson, C., Prinstein, M.J., Keilin, W. G. (2008). Internships in psychology: The APAGS workbook for writing successful applications and finding the right fit. Washington, DC: APA.

Tips for the Internship Application Process
See page 8-9 of this document
See volume above

Join a Professional Association
Why? See page 12-13 of this document
Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies
Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

Want Help Applying for Grants?
Brief outline of issues and resources
What is being funded in your area? Search here

Applying for your First Job?

Helpful questions to ask on a job interview

APA Monitor and gradPsych Stories/Quotes
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Job Hunt (2006)
Applying to Graduate School (2007)

Learn About CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy
Evidence Based Mental Health Treatment for Children and Adolescents

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